In the post-pandemic era, Vastu for home offices is a new trend. Or perhaps it has taken on new significance.
A home office is a designated space within your home where you may accomplish professional duties. You can build an enthusiastic workspace at home by simply following some strong Vastu office recommendations.
Having a home office in your house helps you stay more productive and accountable, whether you want to earn some additional money doing some extra work or you want to work from home full time.
Your home office should have a distraction-free, productive, healthy, and enjoyable atmosphere. The science of architecture,’ Vastu shastra, includes some principles for a home office.
Vastu recommendations for a home office provide some scientific guidelines for making your home office the most efficient and stress-free environment possible.
Let’s start with the importance of directions for a work desk, which is the foundation of Vastu’s complete system.

1.Best Vastu directions for a home office work desk

There are a few myths that need to be dispelled before discussing the optimum Vastu directions for a work desk at home.
Most people believe that facing north or east is ideal for a home office, whereas facing south or west is bad.
This is not the case at all. The optimum Vastu for your home office is determined by the type of job you conduct.

2.Before choosing the finest Vastu directions for a home office, keep the following in mind:

• If you work in accounting, finance, insurance, consulting, fund management, banking, or CA, a home office facing north is excellent. If you work with money, setting up a home office in the north direction according to Vastu is the finest option.
• If you work in lesioning, social work, government-related job, administration, communication, or marketing, the east is a favorable direction to go. Connecting with the correct and resourceful people is easier when you face east.
• Lawyers, property developers, manufacturers, police officers, members of the military forces, salespeople, and other professionals who work in the South are best suited. People who face south are more forceful and can easily communicate their point of view to others. It provides you the ability to
•For those in the IT industry, particularly on the software side, the west is a good direction. It is the direction that promotes creativity, making it ideal for designers and others working in the creative sectors and arts.

3.Vastu Recommendations for Setting Up a Home Office

The home office environment, as well as job efficiency, are influenced by a number of significant elements. Location, colours, furniture arrangements, lighting, working desk, and many other Vastu considerations are important for a home office.
Vastu guidelines are scientific and logical directions for setting up a home office. I’ve attempted to rationally explain each argument so that you can make the best decision for you.

4.The Home Office’s Location

As previously stated, depending on the type of work you conduct, any direction could be beneficial.
The four cardinal directions – north, south, east, and west – are good settings for your home office. Even diagonal directions should be examined, but the four primary directions should always be prioritized. And, contrary to common belief, it’s not just the South West that’s a terrific place to work.
One thing to remember is to keep the north or east side of your house open and clear of obstructions. The directions from which the morning light enters your home are as follows.

5.Home Office Furniture Arrangement

Furniture should be placed in the west and south corners of your home office. The north and east sides of the workplace should be left open and clear to allow sunshine to penetrate and spread throughout the rest of the space.
If you have a safe or locker, keep it on the north side of your workplace. The north is an excellent spot to have a locker because it is the direction of Lord Kuber, the provider of riches.
West, on the other hand, is a great place to keep money and essential documents and files.
To absorb heat, the cabinet should be placed in the hottest region of your office room.
The south-west corner of your home office is the greatest area to store your cupboard because it is the hottest. The hot location is great because it prevents fungus growth and humidity in the cabinet.

6.Colors that work well in a home office

Colors are quite important when it comes to decorating a home office. They have a wide range of effects on the brain, heart, and overall health. They can have a substantial impact on focus, mood, mindfulness, and other factors.
Light shades of green, cream, light blue, and other light colour’s are ideal for a home office in the north.
Mint green, light brown, beige, and other earth tones are ideal for a home office in the East direction of your home, according to Vastu.
Light pink and orange are ideal for a home office facing south.
Grey, silver, golden, and white must be the preferable colour’s for a home office in the west direction, according to Vastu..

7.Windows and Doors for the Home Office

Try to place your home office’s main door in the middle of the four cardinal directions as much as possible. Although the main door of the home office is vital, the optimal location of the main door of the house according to Vastu is even more important.
The windows on the east and north sides are favored because sunlight can enter through them. Sunlight is a vital component of human health, and we should not block it with a door or a wall.

8.Home Office Working Desk

Because it is the most popular and efficient design for working, the working desk should be rectangular. A rectangle table can accommodate more paper work than any other shape.
Avoid using a plastic or metallic desk in favour of a wooden one. Wood has a high vibrational frequency because it is a natural substance. Metals and polymers, on the other hand, have a very low energy content.
The working desk should be positioned in the south or west, at an angle to the north, east, or north-east, so that sunlight can easily flow in and you may benefit from it by looking north or east.
A working desk or sitting should never be placed beneath a beam. Seating under a beam can cause your unconscious mind to wander and stress you out while you’re at work.


This is maybe Vastu’s most significant rule. Keep your home office as clutter-free as possible. This will significantly boost your productivity. Use suitable storage, such as drawers, to keep your belongings in order.
To keep undesired workplace products out of sight, use decorative and covered rubbish bins. Keep your home office clean and sanitary on a regular basis.
A busy environment leads to a cluttered mind, which lowers your productivity indirectly.

10.Placement of Working Calendars in the Home Office

Create a work schedule based on a goal you wish to reach and place it on your home office’s Western wall.
The direction of fulfilment is west, and this can aid you in achieving your goal.
It should be put in such a way that you notice it frequently and unconsciously. Without you realizing it, your brain will be rewired.
As a result, in your home office, you will be more focused and accountable.

11.Home Office quotes with a punch

This is certainly uncommon advice, yet it is quite effective. Your conscious mind develops a mental representation of what you see and then sends signals to your subconscious mind.
Placing inspirational and motivating quotes in your home office might assist you in harnessing the power of your mind. Even when you’re not looking at them, your subconscious mind encourages you to speak more forcefully and aim higher.
This can go a long way toward assisting you in achieving your goals just through the power of thought.

Home Office Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Which side of the house is best for a home office?

For a home office, facing any direction can be beneficial. The direction you face will be determined by the task you accomplish. It is advisable to face South East if you are in sales. East is the finest for administration. North is useful for accounting and finance, among other things..

2.What are the greatest spots in the house for a home office?

If your job requires you to manage money and finances, having a home office in the north is a fantastic idea. If you’re a lawyer or a member of the armed forces, a home office in the south is an excellent choice. As a result, your workplace determines the optimal location for a home office.

3.Can we sit in the home office with our backs to the sun?

If your work involves legal problems, armed forces, or the like, you can surely sit in a home office facing south. If you work with money or its management, though, you should avoid sitting with your face to the south.

4.Is Vastu effective for a home office?

Vastu is just as useful for a home office as it is for a traditional office. Vastu is all about the energies that exist within a specific place, regardless of where that space is located. It’s the internal energy within a specific space that matter.


The primary purpose of Scientific Vastu recommendations for a home office is to increase overall productivity and do more in less time.
Because your home office can be the foundation of your financial prosperity, it is critical to build it intelligently according to Vastu.
This can assist you in balancing your work, body, and consciousness.

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