Throughout history, women have been achieving amazing feats that are unthinkable to the average person. There have been several women who have performed amazing challenges of physical strength and fortitude. These women have done some gutsy things that many people would only dream about pulling off. From stunt doubles to acrobats, women like this are a source of inspiration for all of us, showing us that truly anything is possible if you believe in yourself and stay dedicated to honing your skills and talent. They have broken barriers in their professions, and have given the most brave male performers and daredevils a run for their money. Even just watching or reading about some of the crazy stunts these women have pulled off may just make the hair on your neck stand up and send chills down your spine? Are you ready for a dose of adrenaline from learning about these brave and inspiring heroines? Check out these most fearless female daredevils, stunt women and performers throughout history.

Helen Gibson: Hollywood’s First Stuntwoman

Helen Gibson was born Rose Wenger and joined entertainment at age 18 in 1910. In this Wild West show, she would pick up a handkerchief while riding a horse. During this time, she also started working in silent films and rodeos in Los Angeles. Before Helen, men would dress as women for female stunt doubles, and then Helen broke ground as the first ever female stunt worker.

Lillian La France: Motorcycle Stunt Rider

Angles Micek, fed up with her strict Catholic upbringing, joined a traveling carnival in the 1910’s. She became Lillian La France, and began racing motorcycles in the Wall of Death motordrome show in 1924. She was known as “The Girl Who Flirts with Death,” and was the most popular motorcycle stunt racers in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

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