Time Traveller From 2582 Says Astronauts Will Discover 'Earth Clone' This Weekend

A TikToker claiming to be a time traveller from 2582 has claimed that astronauts are set to discover an ‘Earth clone’ this weekend.

Anonymous time travellers have been amusing TikTok over recent months with their ridiculous claims, and this latest one is right up there with the best of them.

In what they say will be a huge ‘discovery’, TikTok user authentictimetraveler posted over the weekend about a dramatic event set to occur on May 8.

‘This is not a joke,’ begins the joke video, ‘on May 8th, 2021, astronauts will discover a planet exactly like Earth, in our solar system.’@authentictimetraveler##fyp##time##conspirancytheory##timetraveler##foryou♬ original sound – From the Future

The video goes on to provide more details of the imminent discovery, claiming that the replica planet ‘will be an exact clone of our Earth, with a mirrored effect’.

The TikToker says that coming across the Earth clone would mark a historic occasion as it would be the first time humans find ‘another human life in the galaxy’, which, to be fair to them, is true.

The video has gained more than 2.2 million views since it was first posted, with responses ranging from those who want to believe, to the downright dismissive. The post’s comments are littered with cap emojis, suggested most people are less than convinced by the supposed time traveller’s claim.

The Earth clone warning isn’t the first time the user has come forward with bold predictions about our near future. Among other posts, they’ve claimed that in 2040, Earth will experience a ‘great reset’, ominously and rather broadly stating that ‘all aspects of life will change for everybody’.

TikTok time traveler predicts Earth clone

Other more specific claims include a warning that $47 million worth of artefacts are set to be stolen from the Pyramids this month, and that in June 2021 the UK will split into ‘north and south Britain’.

The mysterious user has also answered the question on everybody’s mind – when exactly will we figure out this whole time travel thing? Unfortunately, @authentictimetraveler says there’s still a long way to go, revealing in a video that a man named George Oscar will solve time travel in the year 2567.

@authentictimetraveler is one of several anonymous TikTok accounts from people professing to be from the future. Another traveler also claiming to be from the year 2582 has previously freaked TikTok users out by telling them the Earth is set to enter three days of darkness in 2026, while a third account has predicted that World War 3 will break out between the US and North Korea in the year 2118.

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