Thailand is reputed to be one of the world’s most fertile countries, so it’s no surprise that it is home to a wide variety of plants. Including a wide variety of animals Especially We have animals that can only be found in our country. But it is a pity that Many endemic animals have either been extinct or are on the verge of extinction. And in today’s article It will feature six animals that are considered to be the most unique in Thailand.

1. Elephant

In fact Elephants were not found in Thailand. But if when anyone who sees the elephant All will think of Thailand That was because in the old days The king and the warriors used elephants as animals to battle. And the elephant is a symbol of the king as well. Thailand has attractions And a comprehensive elephant hospital Making it attract many tourists from all over the world each year

2. Bat Kitti

Kitti bats are known as the smallest bats and mammals in the world. Pig-like nose Unfortunately, this animal is placed in the category of endangered species. Besides being hunted Kitti bat will only be able to give birth to only one baby per year.

3. Sterile

This is most unfortunate in Thailand. Because this is the most beautiful horned medium deer in the world. It is very attractive to be hunted. And with it like being in the open Unable to escape to the dense forest It is a factor that further extinction extinction. Which people in the past popular to hunt for sterile meat to bring him to decorate the house Until now, the sterile is considered extinct Because this animal can only be found in Thailand

4. Chao Fah Ying Sirinthorn Bird

Or another name is Big-eyed swallow This is another animal that can be found in the Bamped swamp area. Of Thailand only But again, it is a pity Because this type of bird is almost Or has been extinct Because people tend to catch these birds together with the swallow In order to take it to someone For making merit in Buddhism

5. Betta

This beautiful tailed betta It was approved as the national aquatic animal of Thailand a few years ago. Distinctive Delicate, beautiful Which fits with Thai culture as well, and Apple has taken photos of various colored betta fish by Thai photographers. Take it as a screenshot of many iPhone models as well.

6. Hornbill

Beautiful colorful birds And there is an interesting life cycle of this kind It is an ancient bird that has existed from 50-60 million years ago and our country is trying to conserve this bird species as much as possible. It is considered one of the few places in the world where a hornbill can be found. Therefore, this bird is one of the outstanding animals in the country.

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