Have you ever seen a cat that is human-sized? Although this extra-large cat is not as massive as an adult, he is just two years old. Kefir, a snow-white Maine Coon, has already captivated both hemispheres, despite the fact that not everyone thinks he is genuine, and who can blame them?

Kefir is just two years old, but he already looks like he could devour a horse every day for supper, and we can only image how his owner feels when he enrages this beast. In truth, this colossal fluffball is only a snuggle monster. He was bigger than a typical domestic cat even as a kitten. He’s already over 30 pounds and still has room to grow! An adult Maine Coon may reach a length of 4 feet, including the fluffy tail, and Kefir is already there.

People on the internet joke that Kefir feeds on the souls of the undeserving, washing them down with vodka, which doesn’t seem so strange given that he does live in Putin’s Russia. Yulia, his owner, gives him natural food and tells everyone that he only eats freshly ground liver pate (no human meat whatsoever). What a fantastic diet!

Kefir has his own place and dish at the table with the rest of the family. When it comes to cat behaviour, he’s also a model citizen. He doesn’t destroy furniture, meows like a lunatic in the middle of the night, and possibly understands how to flush but doesn’t. He’s a super-smart cat, according to Julia, who can sense the general moods in the room. A absolutely ideal domestic cat.

The one disadvantage to owning a Maine Coon is the massive amount of hair it sheds. If you have allergies, white fur, which is easily visible on clothes, furniture, and even the floor, might be an issue. It’s a complete catastrophe, especially when the visitors arrive unexpectedly. Yulia attempted grooming Kefir at one point, but it didn’t assist anyone in the long term.

We can’t say whether Yulia’s pals are afraid of this monster, but many individuals on the internet have commented that they would prefer not go near Kefir. Some say he looks like a cougar, while others say he’s a monster from another world. You’re probably aware of how foolish today’s Internet youngsters are. There was even a theory that Kefir was the girl’s spouse who had transformed into a cat. However, the majority of users cannot believe the cat’s size and allege that it is a photoshop, requesting confirmation from the owner.

What are your thoughts? Is the beast genuine, or is it just another Internet fabrication?

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