ISKON – International Society for Krishna Consciousness is a well-known organization which has raised to prominence across the world. This organization has spread its wings across the globe reaching every nook and corner of the world. It is also a well-established fact that they spread their teachings through the temples built in those particular areas. Bangalore is one of the biggest cities in the country houses one of the largest and stunningly architectured ISCKON temple. The temple was inaugurated in 1997. It has since been recognised as a hub of Lord Krishna’s worship.

The temple is built lavishly without any compromises. Located at Hare Krishna Hill, Rajaji Nagar. Built with a magnificent architectural style, the temple is a perfect union of spirituality and modernity. The temple is known for its gold-plated pillar named as dhvaja-sthamba (56 ft tall). The night view of this temple is stunning. The surrounding of the temple is filled with lush gardens which increases the overall beauty of the temple.

The interior of the temple is as stunning and mindblowing as the exterior. The interior pillars are well designed, the ceiling is filled with exquisite chandelier and Lord Krishna paintings. The idol of Lord Krishna and Radha are decorated each day with different clothes filled with vibrant colours that amplify the devotion quotient. Deities with the permanent membership perform different rituals and also participate in works of the temple which is associated with peace and devotion towards Lord Krishna.

The services

ISCKON is not only known for its magnificently built temples but also the services it provides across the world. Devotees are the major contributors of money which are used for Noble causes like Anna Danam (free food distribution). People come here with a sense of devotion which is spread by the “Hare Krishna” mantra. The continuous enchanting of this mantra in the temple calms the inner conflict of any person and leave with a sense of relief.

The teachings of Srila Prabhupada the founder of the ISCKON society are taught across the youth to guide them to a better and prosperous life. Age group isn’t a limit to be a part of this celebrated lifestyle and learn from society itself. Various welfare programs are conducted throughout the year and are done without imposition.

The entire concept of this society is to spread awareness about Lord Krishna and better oneself by indulging in social welfare activities spreading selfless love to every person out there. No matter what religion one belongs to the temple doors are always open without any discrimination. Someone who is looking for a place who wants to understand the concept of life and be a part of a society which spreads love and peace ISKCON is the best and worthy place.

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