Meet Prabhu and Senthil who are on a journey to empower and educate investors and traders through their venture Stock Phoenix. We recently interviewed them to find out more about their startup. Let’s read more:

Tell us about your journey and story so far;

We started the company Stock Phoenix to educate investors and help them make informed investment decisions. Now, we are one of the Fastest Growing Stock Market Training Institutes in India. More information about us can be looked at on our website www.StockPhoenix.Com. We incorporated our company in the year January 2018 and we are proud to say that we have trained more than 1500 Members in Technical Trading and Investment since our inception. We are ISO 21001:2018 certified Training Institute and we are Trade Mark registered entity. Now we have expanded our footsteps into the Auditing and Taxation field as well with the brand name of Phoenix Auditing. More information about Phoenix Auditing can be fetched from the website We have also entered into Commodity Training with the brand name of Phoenix Commodities.

We are one amongst few institutes who teach about Stock Markets and we believe, learning is the permanent solution to be independent in the Stock Market for investment and Trading. Currently, we have more than 150000 followers across various social platforms such as Telegram, Twitter and other Social Media. We bring technology into our platform, which helps our students in a great way. We maintain transparency at our business and our students appreciate the same. We get students for every training session mostly by the goodwill of the existing members only.

We have conducted multiple Investor Awareness programs across major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad and met more than 2000 members (face to face interaction) in the Seminars.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job?

I always had a passion for doing my own business. Having served 12 Years in IT industry with major giants like Infosys, HCL Technologies, J.P Morgan and Mindtree, I thought it’s the right time to pursue my passion and get into the business line. I was always passionate about the number game and this attracted me towards the Stock Market. Noting as good as it gives happiness if your passion becomes a profession. This can be achieved only if you start your startup in line with your passion.

I did my groundwork almost for two years before taking the decision of quitting the job and take over Business as full time. I wanted to make sure that my first startup should be successful and the same should flow on other businesses as well. It was really a tough decision to quit the safe profession which was giving decent income and take up a risky line of Start-up. However, I was very confident that I can deliver knowledge to the larger crowd. Most of the technical analyst is not ready to share their knowledge with us. I want to bring that difference in the industry. 

With the brand value created, now it’s easy to market our next set of business which recently launched Phoenix Commodities and Phoenix Auditing.

What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

Stock Market is the one place in which you will never get bored. You will be always dealing with numbers and that is the one which keeps me at high energy always. There is always more than 300000 members who are waiting for the market outlook form our Telegram Channel. So there is always a huge responsibility for us to keep our brand name high always.

So every day is a new day for us. We start us every day as the first day at Startup. Our student’s feedback is a high source of motivation for us. We get constant feedback from our students and the public who follow us on our various social media. We take negative feedback as an area of opportunity and work on the same to convert them into strengths. Positive feedback raised the bar of expectations.

Let’s not forget that I am working on my passion, which is why I never get bored. I will be always waiting to meet new people on social media and every seminar.

Why should people choose your products/services?

Stock Market is an ocean and there are multiple sharks in this ocean. And there are millions of small fishes who try to take their share in the Market. However, most of the fishes will be eaten by sharks. There are limited technical analysts are ready to train others and make them independent. We are one among them who are ready to depart the complete knowledge in a packaged manner.

Apart from this, there are many trainers who take a quick course in the Stock Market and the promotion that they will make them independent trader in two days. However the fact, it is all myth, No expert in the world can make someone independent in the Stock Market in a span of two days. Many in the country get cheated by these kinds of fake trainers, who do not hold any brand or any creditability. Our program goes minimum 3 to 6 months in which we guide our students on a constant basis and help them to understand the movement of the Stock Market. Rather than calling as Training, we call our program as a practice which goes for 6 months long. Every day is a new day in the Stock Market and we will get something to learn. The market always tests our knowledge and patience before giving us money back.

Our Training covers from Stock Market basics to the advanced levels. Anyone who has zero knowledge in the Market can join our course and get a benefit. We will guide our students constantly via Genie Channel and Masters Channel. We give our students the opportunity to visit Bangalore and Chennai office and sit and learn from us. We provide support around the trading hours and off trading hours to our students.

Not to forget to mention that the Stock Market is one of the legal ways to make passive income apart from your salary. There are lakhs of people for whom the Stock Market is the primary source of Income. Come and experience this beautiful world along with Stock Phoenix.

Follow us on Telegram at and visit our website and register yourself for free learning from us.

What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?

We don’t provide any written content or recorded which can be copied by our competitors. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not about the Training which we provide, it’s all about the platform which we provide to our Students. We call our program as practice, which cannot be copied in any manner.

We form a group for every batch and all the members of the particular group will be part of this group and monitored and guided by the Mentors in the house. These are the setup students who are interested in learning and trying to become independent. This kind of platform is unique in nature and nowhere in the industry are providing this kind of platform. Which is one of the biggest strength of Stock Phoenix and success factor? And on top of the group, we do have multiple platforms such as Genie Channel which is directly maintained by me for the constant market updates. And the third one is the Masters Channel in which all the students who transformed themselves into Masters will be active to share their analysis for free for all the students.

It’s easy to replicate any training content, However, it’s not possible to copy the practice and learning platform of Stock Phoenix. We have strict technology and strong mentors in place to monitor all our groups and chats done by all the Members. I and Senthil are always available for any kind of clarification and queries along with Mentors. We provide one year of support for every batch, which is sufficient time for the students to start their trade independently.

What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

The biggest challenge that we face is to convince the customer to divert form Advisory services to learning services. The customer is ready to pay huge money for tips providers and a lose a good amount of money every month. And they also try to trade on their own and end up losing another good amount of money. However, they will not be ready to spare a small amount of money in learning and try to become independent. I will be in a long telephonic phone call with many students to convincing them to enroll themselves for the learning program.

But we are really happy that once they enroll, they will come with flying colors. This makes us keep our energy high to spend more time in convincing the Members. As the trained members are increasing, we are in need of additional help to cater to our student’s needs. As a result, now we have built a strong support team which is making our life easier.

What are your expansion plans/breakeven projections?

Our plans for expansion are very big. So far we have touched only 1000 Members which is not even 0.1% penetration of the members who trade and Invest in Indian Stock Market. We have plans to educate as maximum members as possible. Along with the Stock Market training, we would like to offer others important services such as Tax filing which is very important for every trader and investor. The awareness of ITR3 is very less among the people who deal in the Stock Market.

One line about Stock Market –

I compare the Stock Market to the Ocean. The ocean is full of water and the Stock Market is full of Money. It’s about the individual capacity to stay in the ocean and catch your fish or get beaten by others. At Stock Phoenix, we teach you swimming in this ocean and we help to cross the waves and reach a safe place in the ocean. And it’s your capacity to catch fishes for your lively hood.

What comes first for you – money or emotions?

At Stock Market, we always drive towards to stay away from Emotion and concentrate on the Technical to earn money. Our Main practice is to control emotions and to follow technical’s which is one of the most important things to swing in the ocean and not to get beaten by sharks.

What advice would you give to someone starting out, particularly to aspiring entrepreneurs?

My personal advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to study the failure modes of your startup first rather than concentrating on the success. Always have the backup plan for all of your failure modes. So that you never end up in dead end road. Try to add value to your customer, always. Don’t dream about earning in the first year of startup and just concentrate on the customer feedback. Your business will establish by yourself.

One more small advice: Try to start your startup in the field where passion drives you. Passion is the only thing that will keep your spirit high. The most important is to listen to your customer feedback and always avoid who tries to criticise you. Be happy that a lot of people are jealous of your growth. Always remember that the opposition party is the third eye for the ruling party.

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