Whether she’s rocking pink hair on stage or a glamorous dress on the red carpet, Gwen Stefani always shines brighter than everyone else. During her three-decade-long career, the famous singer has gone through a lot of changes in her style, so we decided to go through some of her more fashionable metamorphoses.

1) The Hindu-Punk Stage (1990-1999)

During her career, Gwen radically changed her image several times. In the early 1990s, when her band “No Doubt” was dominating the global music charts, she was fascinated by Indian culture. Back then, she was often seen wearing a bindi, the traditional red dot on her forehead, which quickly became a popular accessory among young fashionistas. The bindi, combined with fancy hairstyles, cherry-red lipstick, and sari, were definitely a part of her most iconic 90s look.

2) Glam Rock Queen (2000-2003)

In the 2000s, Gwen Stefani’s image began to transform, adapting to the waves of glamour oozing from every showbiz crack. She still had that rebel feel, but with a slight touch of gloss. By then, Gwen had grown her hair and experimented with different hairstyles. After the successful release of their album Rock Steady, we started seeing more high heels, long nails, redundant belts with huge buckles, and of course, shirts with crazy prints.

3) Going Retro (2004-2006)

After getting married to a musician Gavin Rossdale in 2002, Gwen had completely reworked her creative approach. She finally abandoned the rock style, concentrating on pop music and her solo career. During this period, Gwen actively tried on classic retro-Hollywood looks with gorgeous long dresses. And after starring in “Aviator,” many fans began to compare her with Madonna and Marilyn Monroe.

4) Mom Stefani (2007-2011)

During the late 2000s, feminine outfits were becoming more and more common in Gwen’s wardrobe. Of course, this was influenced by the fact that in 2006 Gwen became a mother for the first time. Motherhood made her fall in love with dresses, shoes, and shiny jewelry. Her makeup has become less flashy, and even her iconic red lipstick has been shelved. In 2008, Stefani gave birth to her second child, after which she stepped away from the limelight to enjoy motherhood.

5) The Icon of Style (2012-2020)

In 2012, the long-awaited No Doubt reunion delighted their fans with the release of not one but two new singles. And two years later, Gwen joined the Voice as a jury, where she met her new love -Blake Shelton. Ever since she returned to the screens, Gwen has been stunning the viewers with her excellent style. The singer often appears in clothes she designed herself, and people seem to love those chic costumes. She manages to find a balance between femininity, doll-like innocence, and daring looks. Unsurprisingly, Gwen looks amazing both in a dress and in a leather jumpsuit even in her 50s.

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