The mysteries of India will bring your soul and imagination to life.

India has been called the land of mysteries since time immemorial, whether for its various enigmatic natural phenomena or eccentricities associated with its religions and culture. Not everyone can handle India; you will either love it with every fibre of your being with the exploration of its mysterious locations becoming like an addiction. Or you will detest it: India will drive you out.

India finds itself in the list of top mysterious countries and holds its position tight with those being still unsolved. Owing to India’s vast size, cultural differences, mythological stories, it naturally becomes a land of strange tales. Such tales are born out of rumours or some are even the result of imagination. It can be said that most of these tales are fabricated and can be put off the table, but some tales are strange enough to shrug off. These have the ability to change the perception of modern technology and yet more the perception of the world.

A River That Sucks People In: khonni Nadi

This may actually be one of the most dangerous places in India. The Khooni Nadi River, also known as ‘the bloody river‘, is one of the spookiest and most mysterious places to visit in India. There are many terrifying accounts of people being sucked into the water, never to be seen again. Even if you’re not a believer of the paranormal, this is definitely somewhere you do not want to go for a swim. In fact, it’s not somewhere you should really visit by yourself.

The Ufo Land: The Kongka La Pass in Ladakh

This region lies in the disputed border of India and China, and is truly the most inaccessible places in the world. In 1962, the armies of both the countries were engaged in a severe conflict. After this, both China and India entered into an agreement according to which none will be allowed to patrol the region, but can keep an eye on it from a distance. After this, a popular belief floated that the Kongka La Pass in Ladakh is a hideous base of UFOs. The area has forever remained a no man’s land due to its territorial limits and is the reason why the UFOs have chosen it as their operational base.

Lake of Skeletons: Roopkund Lake, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

A frozen lake full of hundreds of skeletons scattered across its length. Also known as the Lake of Skeletons, the Roopkund Lake lies about 16500 ft. above the sea level at the most uninhabitable place between The Himalayas. The skeletal remains first came to notice in 1942, when a British forest guard discovered an alarming number of human skeletons floating in the water and lying haphazardly along the lake’s edges after the harsh summer that year had melted off most of the ice from the lake. It was evident….something horrible had happened here.

At first, it was believed to be the remains of Japanese soldiers killed at war. But then in 2004, it was discovered that the skeleton dated back to 850 AD. But what caused such a massive death of hundreds of people all at once? Legend has it that a Goddess, enraged by the defiling (damaging the purity) of her mountain sanctuary, rained death upon these people by flinging hailstorms at them, that were described to be ‘hard as iron balls’. The remains can still be seen as the ice over the lake melts off during summers.

The Cursed Ghost Village : Kuldhara, Near Jaiselmer

Abandoned towns and villages have to be one of the most mysterious things about India. What you often find about the mysterious places in India is that there is so man stories much told and retold regarding their history. It all overlaps to a point where you can’t quite get to the bottom of what happened: these unsolved mysteries of India are truly fascinating. There are actually many ruins in this region. These are often best explored with a motorbike and camping gear. Though, you would have to be made of tough stuff to sleep after hearing about all the paranormal activity surrounding Kuldhara.Legend has it that the last successful inhibitors, the Paliwals Brahmins left suddenly in the night, never to be seen again. They say they left a curse on the place. Since that time, anyone who has since tried to re-inhabit the area has been chased out by evil spirits.

The Haunted Bhangarh Fort: Bhangarh

The abandoned fort of Bhangarh, located in Rajasthan is one of the most haunted places on Earth and the top haunted place in India, so much so that the Archaeological Survey of India has put up a sign outside the fort, prohibiting people to enter it after sunset. Locals living in the surrounding area had to move their entire town outside the limits of the fort because of the alleged hauntings. Legend has it that the city of Bhangarh was cursed by a holy man named Baba Balnath. He had given permission for the town’s construction so long as the heights of the building do not cast a shadow over his home. It is said that a young Prince happened to do just that and that led Baba Balnath to curse the entire city. Many believe he is still buried there till date.

Another legend says that a wizard named Singhiya fell in love with the Princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. To make her fall in love with him, the wizard placed a spell upon a fragrance being purchased by the Princess’ maid, so that upon touching it she would become his forever. But Ratnavati found out what the wizard was up to and foiled his plan. Totally enraged, the wizard placed a curse upon Bhangarh and many locals claim that his ghost still roams across the ill-fated city.

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