Capital of the southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore has always shown its prominence when it comes to the list of noteworthy cities in the country. It’s a city that has been head and heels above its other contemporary metropolitan cities in infrastructure, employment rate, greenery, quality of living and many more aspects. The city is filled with greenery may it be the never-ending list of public parks in the city or the lush gardens, this culture of Banglore has earned its tag “Garden city of India”. The city which is a synonym for IT culture. It has the most number of IT companies in India attaining another tag “Silicon Valley of India”. One city many names it is this uniqueness which has made people crave to be a part of this eccentric city.

With a population of more than 8 million, Bangalore is the third most populated city in the country. With a capacity like this, the opportunities and quality of life this city offers is unparallel. Apart from being among the most populous cities in the country, Banglore is also eminent for its capability of exhibiting some of the most breathtaking tourist spots. Accompanied by one of the best climatic conditions Bangalore is the precise location one is expected to spend time unflinchingly. Here are some of the most visited and sort after places to visit in Bangalore.

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

The Garden is a paradise for nature lovers. Often considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens in the country, this place will leave you gasping for more. Spread over 240 acres of pure botanical bliss the place is filled with vibrant colours. Constructed by Haider Ali later modified by Tipu Sultan the Glasshouse in the garden is inspired by the London Crystal House. Located in Mavali region of Bangalore this is one destination which is ought to be visited.

Bangalore Palace

Constructed in the year 1878 by Chamarajar Wadiyar, this place is often considered to be a cliche of England’s Windsor Castle. The Architecture this palace possesses is an indication of the versatility and dedication this palace was constructed. The Tudor style construction accompanied with gothic style windows, woodcarvings and turrets are the major attraction of the architecture. Built over an area of 430 acres, it is surrounded by breathtaking gardens.

Tipu Sultan Fort

Originally started construction in 1537 by Kempegowda this fort is one of the ancient structure in the city. Located in the most crowded market area the fort was initially built using mud bricks which after constant modifications were finished Tipu sultan using granite stones in 1791. The structure is reminiscent of the Islamic style of construction. One can also find a temple of Ganesh in the fort explaining the religious tolerance the ruler possessed in those days.

Nandi Hills

Located 60km away from Bangalore this spot is one of the most famous destinations. As one can expect this a hill station which is located 1478 meters above sea level. The spot is famous for its scenery and never seen before sunrise among the clouds. The spot is one of the most visited tourist destinations which has never lost its charm. Apart from the eye-pleasing sceneries the place also offers other attractions like Amruth Sarovar, Yoga Nandeeshwara temple, Tippu Drop and many more exciting locations.

National Gallery of Modern Art

A must-visit destination for all art lovers and historians. National Gallery of Modern Arts houses some of the most beautiful paintings. A collection of about 500 paintings are open here for display. Some of the most famous painters like Rabindranath Tagore, Raja Ravi Varma, Amrita Shergill, Jamini Roy works are displayed here. The paintings are labelled according to the time period, type of painting, painter’s name for ease of viewing.

Cubbon Park

One of the most sorted after parks in the city Cubbon Park is often termed as a delight for walkers. The park is spread across 300 acres which indicates how huge and widely spread this park is. Constructed by Richard Sankey Chief Engineer of Mysore the park is one of the well-maintained parks. It contains massive green parks and lawns that are just a pleasure to walk by. Statues of famous personalities are installed in the park for added attractions. The evening lighting makes the park even more beautiful.

Bannerghatta National Park

Located near the ever-busy city of Bengaluru, Bannerghatta National Park is a treat for wildlife lovers. The park is built to promote eco-tourism and to spread awareness about wildlife conservation. A zoo has been erected amidst the beautiful Champakadhama hills valley inside this national park. The recent addition of a butterfly farm is an added attraction to it.


ISKCON a world-renowned organisation of Lord Krishna has its wings spread across the world. Banglore houses one of the largest ISKCON temples. The temple is one of the most stunningly built structures in the city. The organisation is well known for its social activities and spreading the teachings of Lord Krishna. The vibe this place possesses is uncomparable. A definite visit for people looking for a peaceful spot.

The Government Museum

This museum was built in 1865. It houses some of the rare collections from different period. 18 galleries consisting of antique jewellery, neolithic objects of various civilisations are major attractions of the museum. Sculptures and various paintings too are added attractions to the museum. A day out exploring this museum would be a great start.

Shivasamudram Falls

Unlike other places on this list, this particular spot is situated about 130 km from the city. Recognised often as Asia’s first hydroelectric power station this spot is breathtakingly scenic. The place is trekking destination one have to a trek a distance of 2 km to reach the falls. The trekking is worth of an experience filled with thick greenery. One of the most well-known tourist spot the place is sure to satisfy every nature lover.

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