Kasol was a place known amongst a select few circles – especially foreigners from predominantly Israel, Russia, and a few eastern European countries. The few Indians that explored this unknown region were the ones that truly belonged in the wild, withholding this particular place. Thanks to the easy availability of mesmerizing views, beautiful landscape, fantastic weather and of course, the Malana cream.

However, when the social media gained prominence, this little serene heaven gained popularity like no other. Kasol became a brand about chilling, trekkinghiking, getting lost in nature, and just enjoying some time off. With tonnes of treks and trails surrounding the entire Parvati Valley region, it soon got famous as the second home to the backpackers in India.

Culture in Kasol

With lots of influence of foreigners, Kasol is lovingly called Mini Israel. As in Israel, it is mandatory for citizens, both men and women (YAY Equality!), to serve in the defense forces of the country. One can easily spot many Isreali soldiers roaming about the streets and chilling in cafes. Having spoken to a few in my time there, the soldiers tend to seek solidarity to process their thoughts after spending time experiencing the brutalities of army life.

Of course, the availability of Malana cream is a definite pull for the seekers of peace! I have often wondered if the name Parvati Valley has anything to do with the abundance of Hashish in the region.

Also, another significant influence in the region is of the Sikh population as Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib, best known for its hot water springs, is further ahead of Kasol.



In the Himachal Pradesh landscape, Kasol lies 33 km from Bhuntar and is situated 4 km before Manikaran. A paradise hidden from the outside world, Kasol is nestled in the Parvati valley.


Kasol is blessed with fantastic weather throughout the year and experiences the entire cycle of seasons. Whether it is the pleasantness of the summer months or the snowfall of the winter months

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