Located In Bangalore Bannerghatta National Park is an esteemed national park which houses a variety of rare and endangered species like tiger, lion, bison, leopard, wild boar and many more. The place is an eye feast for wildlife lovers. This park is famous for its methods of dealing with animal cruelty and endangerment which has saved the lives of several animals. Some of the acts which brought prominence to the place were its provision of a corridor for migrating elephants from the Eastern Ghats to the Western Ghats.

Founded in 1971 the place got recognised as National park in 1974. Since its status of being a National Park a considerable amount of changes have been done to the place for its betterment. Most recent changes consist of developing a part it as Biological reserve.

The park is located 20 km south of Banglore. The terrain is at an elevation of 1245m which is mostly hilly. The entire area is covered with tropical forest which dense and provides enough vegetation making it a perfect place for wildlife. There are 16 villages which share their borders with the park. The corridor for elephant migration connects BR Hills with Satyamangalam Forest.

The Wildlife and its Sources

The main water source for the entire park originates from Suvarnamukhi hills known as Suvarnamukhi stream. The legend has that these waters from Suvarnamukhi have curative powers. For precautionary methods, 4 different bore wells are also constructed for the conservation of water recently.

The vegetation is rich and abundant enough for the wildlife. The park contains three types of Dry deciduous Scrub forests, Southern tropical dry deciduous forest and Sothern tropical Moist mixed forest. These three forests form the majority of vegetation in the park.

The wildlife here not only forms sceneries for wildlife lovers but also educates one about the wildlife. There are various temples are built across the park keeping the spiritual contact with the visitors intact. The park also recently developed as a trekking destination adding up to the number of visitors.

The new attractions

The place which once started as a wildlife park now houses a variety of other attractions. There is a zoo which consists of a wide range of animals and other species. Gaining a wider section of visitors and also increasing the park’s popularity.

Apart from a zoo, there is a Butterfly enclosure which is the major attraction. It houses some of the rare species of stunning butterflies. The spot is the most visited one in the entire park.

There is also a snake house, aquarium, safari park in addition to a full-fledged animal rescue centre. The entire park is an experience in itself a day out here would satisfy one’s inner love for wildlife.

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