Bangalore a city filled with a boisterous crowd, sprawling tech parks, posh booths has also been a part of some of the influential history. The city is filled some of the most ancient structures which symbolize ancient Banglore which is a complete contrast from the modern one. One building which tops the list is that of Bangalore Palace.

The History

Initially started construction in the year 1874 by Chamarajar Wadiyar the land where the construction began belonged to Reverend J Garrett. John Cameron who was the brains behind the landscaping of Lal bagh was handed over the responsibility of this building and its surroundings. The construction was finished in the year 1878 which later on underwent various renovations.

The Architecture

The palace possesses some of the most stunning architecture. The interiors are wooden made and the surroundings are filled with gardens. The Palace is inspired by the Windsor Castle in Britain. The architecture is a mix of Tudor and Scottish Gothic with many implementations done using material imported from Britain.

The turreted parapets are the additional structures which makes the palace unique. Often regarded to be one of the solid ancient constructions there is a two-level granite structure that is accompanied by the fortified towers. This palace is sure to make you go awe for its architecture.

The Interior

The interior architecture is reminiscent of the traditional Hindu style of decor. Ornate cornices and patterned walls represent the royal picturesque of the palace. The rooms are spacious enough with wooden windows and luxurious chandeliers. The courtyard features a royal fountain which adds to the attraction of the entire palace. Many trophies of elephants are present in the palace indicating that hunting was the go-to sport for Wadiyars.

The palace also houses paintings which were as old as from 19th century. Many paintings were works of Ravi Varma, one of the most famous Indian painters. Different photographs of Wadiyar dynasty are also showcased here.

The Experience

The palace is one of the most famous attractions and tourist spots in the city. Apart from the beautiful works of art, the stupendous architecture and photography collection, there are more attractions in the palace. A weighing chair for jockeys, a Coat of Arms, which was gifted to the Wadiyars by the British, is also another attraction at the Palace.

The palace is a royal attraction for the visitors the grounds are continuously occupied by big wedding ceremonies, retail exhibitions are also held here making the palace an evergreen place to visit.

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