19.  Jog waterfalls, Karnataka

Located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, are the Shimoga falls which are popularly known as the Jog falls and one of the best places to visit in South India. A favourite of people travelling to South India, the Jog waterfalls are the second highest plunge waterfalls of India. Majestic in appearance and a treat for the eye, there is a wide range of activities in and around the place that tourists can indulge in. During the monsoon season, the already bustling waterfall becomes even more alive, and the surrounding greenery only adds to the beauty and magnificence of these waterfalls. Rainbows are also a very common sight here during the monsoons.

20.  Kerala

Kerala’s favourite elephants greet you into this forest thickly populated by tropical flora and fauna. Many types of plants and animals can be found over here. Some of the rarest animal species include the great pied hornbill, Nilgiri Tahr and the Lion-tailed macaque. A little unknown and offbeat, Gavi offers a wide range of activities like trekking, camping, boating, safaris etc. One can also visit the spice gardens and factories nearby. It’s slowly emerging as a popular destination in South India for Ecotourism, owing to the untouched natural surroundings of this place.

21.  Karnataka

A nice place to trek to, Siddara betta is a perfect Tourist place in South India go if you want to spend time with your friends and not have other people around. It is said that a lot of holy men regularly come here to meditate for long spans of time. I’d like to call it an introvert’s trekking choice. It’s also a popular religious site as well, and so many pilgrims pay a visit to this place every now and then. Natur lovers will love this place as the forests nearby are a great place to do some birdwatching. If you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of the very rare Yellow Throated Bulbul.

22. Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

Blessed with rich wildlife, attractive jungle and a scenic lake, Nagarhole is one of Karnataka’s best wildlife getaways and an important place to visit in South India. Despite sharing the same wildlife with the neighbouring Bandipur national park, it receives fewer visitors due to it being lesser known, making it all the more appealing. It is home to a large number of flora and fauna species, such as the tiger, leopard, wild elephant, dhole (Indian wild dog), and gaur (Indian bison). Other species present are chital, spotted deer, muntjac (barking deer), mouse deer, four-horned antelope, wild boar, sloth bear, hyena, mongoose, civet, otter, and more.

23. Cycling Through the Nilgiris

Fitness junkies will get a real kick out of cycling through the mystical and vast Nilgiris mountains. Literally meaning blue mountains, the Nilgiris is a hotbed for remarkable vegetation, exotic wildlife, and indigenous tribes of South India. Cycling tours are organised through the massive Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, allowing you to cover incredible locations like the Bandipur, Wayanad, and Mudumalai.

24. Party in Bangalore

Head to Bangalore for the coolest parties in the south! It is the hub of the Indian IT revolution and is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. Thus, Bangalore draws a very young and hip demography to its limits. This place has one of the best pub cultures in the country although most of the pubs and bars are known to shut down by 12. There are numerous places dotting the entire town where people can let their hair down. But the best thing about Bangalore is hands down its weather, which is what all the other metro cities in the country lack. One of the best places to visit in South India for all the youngsters!

25. Food in Mysore

It’s the time you can eat what you want, and the best place in South India for our favourite idlis and dosas is none other than Mysore! Head to this beautiful city for delicious ghee based sweets like the Mysore Pak (Something I can’t get enough of). Spend the evening walking by the lit up Mysore palace and eating at the roadside stalls. Mysore is also one of South India’s most popular tourist destinations. It has a rich historical and cultural significance which can be seen in the splendid Mysore palace and other places.

26. Visit the annual Thrissur Pooram in Kerala

Something most travel guides wouldn’t guide you to, the Thrissur pooram (held in the month of April every year) is a sight to behold in itself. the Thrissur pooram is a competition between the two most famous temples in the city, that are situated in the same circle, opposite to each other. This is a unique place to visit in South India and promises to be a lot of fun. The festival sees a larger than life turns out of people, who all gather to watch the competition. The most fun to watch is the headgear changing competition on the elephants, and it is amazing to watch how fast they change, and with such innovation. Thrissur is the cultural hub for a lot of other festivals and you can catch great gigs around the place like Electronic dance music shows at Fort Kochi.

27. Fishing at Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari is a popular destination in the south, known for its fishing camps and wildlife sanctuary. A host of adventure activities that include Kayaking, river rafting, trekking and rope walking await you at Bheemeshwari Adventure camp, Karnataka, which also allows night stays at the jungle lodges, where you can wake up to sounds of over 200 species of exotic birds and an amazing variety of animals. The camp is most well known for Mahseer fishing, the largest game fish known to man.

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