In the age of the internet and digital technologies, the All-seeing Eye is not just a fantasy book ploy, but a real and tangible object: the satellite network. In every second of every day, Big Brother controls the surface of our planet from space through hundreds, perhaps thousands of eyes. But in addition to spying on us, these satellites sometimes discover strange things that would be impossible to see any other way.

Here are 6 very special places discovered only thanks to satellites.

1. The Northern Lights
On Earth, the Northern Lights can only be seen from the bottom up. Thanks to satellites, this extraordinary phenomenon can be experienced from a decidedly different perspective.

2. The Badlands Guardians
Is it a mountain? Is it a sleeping giant? Who knows! One thing is certain, whatever it is is found in Alberta, Canada, and can only be seen from satellites.

3. The Lost City of Tanis
If you have ever seen “Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark” you will already know the city of Tanis, buried in the sands of Egypt. But one day, thanks to some infrared images taken by a satellite, this long-lost city was identified and brought to light!

4. The giant pink rabbit
On the top of the Colletto Fava mountain, in Italy, there is a pink rabbit 60 meters long that can only be seen from above. It is an infinitely cute and, at the same time, infinitely creepy rabbit.

5. Hurricane Florence
For ordinary people, Hurricane Florence was devastating. A real scourge of nature. But only when you see its whirlwind from satellite imagery do you really understand how violent it was.

6. The Atlantis of the Desert
Can you believe that the legendary Atlantis may have a sister city somewhere in the desert? It is also referred to in the Koran as the “Iram of the columns” and the story tells that this city was punished by Allah and buried in the sand. And now, here it is!

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