The world of childhood is wonderful, there is no doubt about that. Children have their own rules and their own ways of thinking. It’s amazing how they’re able to understand the world in such a different way than adults, how they observe and draw conclusions, and most importantly, how we’re not always aware that they’re right most of the time. Then, one good day, in front of many people, they show us how knowledgeable they actually are and, despite or even because of their innocence, they end up embarrassing us and we can’t help but laugh.

At Bright Side we decided to ask our readers if they have ever been embarrassed by their children’s comments. Their answers have helped us conclude something we already strongly suspected: children have no filter and always tell the truth, thankfully!

25 Stories That Prove Kids Always Say What They’re Thinking, No Matter How Embarrassing It Is
  • It was my 5-year-old daughter’s birthday. To keep her entertained, I asked her to help me clean up the house because her grandmother (my mother-in-law) was coming over. I kept telling her the whole time to hurry up because her grandmother was coming and I didn’t want her to see that the house was a total mess. When grandma finally arrived, my daughter ran to her and the first thing she said was, “Grandma, I’m so tired. We were cleaning up because we had a huge mess here and since you were coming, we had to clean everything up.” © Blanca Leticia Rodriguez / Facebook
  • It was the first time my son came with me to a funeral and, logically, I explained to him that whenever he saw me approach a person and say that I was sorry for his or her loss, he should just look carefully at what I did and do the same. I repeated these instructions to him the whole way to the funeral and even reminded him as we walked into the parlor. When it was finally time to say something, my son just goes, “Happy BIRTHDAY” — then he looks at me happy and all pleased thinking that he did well… © Maria De Los Angeles Mereci Soria / Facebook
  • I went out with my 4 nephews and my daughter for a walk. When I got on the bus, a lady asked me, “Are they all yours?” I said yes and immediately my daughter answered, “And my dad’s name is Domingo,” followed by a chorus of voices, “And mine is Carlos, and mine is Gerardo, and mine is Gustavo.” Haha, the look on the lady’s face and on the faces of the rest of the passengers that were listening was priceless! © Ilsa Larios / Facebook
25 Stories That Prove Kids Always Say What They’re Thinking, No Matter How Embarrassing It Is
  • My little brother has darker skin than the rest of us and he did not grow up with his biological father. When he was a baby (he was 2 years old), he didn’t understand why he looked different from us. So we explained to him that his father had dark skin and that’s why he had darker skin too. One day, we went to the market and there was an African-American couple selling slippers. When we approached the stall to buy some slippers, he saw the man, and sitting still from his little chair he shouted, “DAD!!!”. The vendor’s face turned as red as a tomato, mine even more so, and his wife was rolling on the floor laughing when she heard my explanation. I was beyond embarrassed anyways!😅 © Natalia SN / Facebook
  • My dad used to tell my nephew, who was just 5 years old at the time, that if he didn’t behave, he would never grow as tall as he wanted to be. One day, we were on the bus and a small man came in. My nephew ran up to him and asked with a pitiful face, “Sir, you didn’t behave well, that’s why you didn’t grow up to be tall, right?” My father turned pale and the gentleman replied to the boy, “Yes, son, I didn’t obey my parents and behaved very badly, that’s why I didn’t grow up.” My nephew’s behavior improved from that day on! © Jacqueline Ochoa / Facebook
  • One day, a colleague invited me to a children’s party. My kids were still very young and I didn’t feel like going out for the weekend so I declined. The day after the party, my colleague asked me why I didn’t join. I gave her a lame excuse and then my child told me in front of her: “That’s not true, you didn’t want to go. You said you just didn’t feel like going — I did want to go!” © Ampelia García Prieto / Facebook

© Mavi Carrillo / Facebook

  • We were at a get-together sharing a table with another family. My son, who was 5 years old at the time, started talking to another boy who was about the same age. In the middle of the conversation that was about Legos and dinosaurs, my son suddenly says: “The triceratops is really fat,” and the boy adds: “He must wear a girdle like my mom, so he doesn’t look so fat.” Hahaha, the poor lady, who at that moment had a chicken leg in her mouth, clearly felt like dying of embarrassment. © Katy Lazaro Vivas / Facebook
  • My daughter had a ballet performance and I had a problem with the shirt I wanted to wear for the event, so I had to borrow one from my sister. When the presentation was over, we were led to a room where a toast was going to be held. There was some food and I, unfortunately, spilled some sauce on my shirt. At that point my daughter said to me in front of several other parents, “Mommy, that stain better come out because that shirt is my aunt’s, and it’s her favorite.” © Vane Rodríguez Caballero / Facebook
  • Once, my neighbor came to my house to sell us products from a catalog. My little girl was there with me and she stared at the lady, who, by the way, just got a new haircut. Then my girl said, “Wait for me here,” before she ran off to her room — she immediately came back with an Elmo alphabet board and said, “Look, you look just like this one,” pointing to the yellow bird. I didn’t know where to hide I was so embarrassed. The good thing is that the neighbor took the comment with a pinch of salt… Then I had to apologize on behalf of my daughter 🤣. © Karina Landa / Facebook
25 Stories That Prove Kids Always Say What They’re Thinking, No Matter How Embarrassing It Is
  • Once, when my daughter was 5 years old, we went into an accessories store and a girl was trying on a pair of sunglasses. The girl looked at me and said, “If you don’t mind I’ll ask your little girl to tell me how they look on me, kids always tell the truth.” So my daughter did as asked, took a look at her, and replied, “You look like a clown.” 😂😂😂😂. © Melania Sosa / Facebook
  • Every Monday there is a flag salute ceremony in the kindergarten where I take my kids. Kids sing the national anthem and they pledge their allegiance to the flag. On my son’s first day there, the teacher said, “It’s time to salute the flag.” My little boy went on to raise his little hand and said, “Hello, flag.” I hugged him and laughed discreetly. © Diana C Jimenez / Facebook
  • Once, we went to a contemporary dance performance in a very small theater here in Mexico City. One of my sisters was going to perform in the show and we were sitting in the middle of the theater. The show was kind of long… Somewhere in the middle of a dance piece, the lights and music went out. It was exactly then when you could hear my 4-year-old daughter’s voice complaining: “Oh, mom, this is soooo boring.” I had to try really hard to hold in the laughter, but many people around me couldn’t even manage to do so. © Ana Estrello / Facebook
25 Stories That Prove Kids Always Say What They’re Thinking, No Matter How Embarrassing It Is
  • Back when landlines were still in use, the phone rang at home and my 3-4-year-old son ran to pick it up. We only managed to hear him say: “No, he can’t come to the phone because he is in the bathroom pooping,” referring to my husband. It was his boss calling… © Ana Villaseñor Glez / Facebook
  • I was walking down the street with my 2 little ones and my youngest 3-year-old screamed, “Mommy, Mommy, a witch!” It was an older lady with a lot of makeup on… I did my best to stop her from screaming that, but my little girl kept on doing it. Happily, the lady just laughed and said “naughty girl.” I tried to explain the situation to my baby and apologized to the lady. © Marisol JuBe / Facebook
  • I took my 3-year-old daughter to work and I noticed her get sad as soon as we arrived. I asked her what was wrong and she told me, in front of my colleagues, that I had lied to her because I had told her that I worked surrounded by clowns and that now that she is here, she sees it’s not true that I work at the circus 😔. © Adán CH / Facebook
25 Stories That Prove Kids Always Say What They’re Thinking, No Matter How Embarrassing It Is
  • My dad: When someone comes and asks for me, tell them I’m asleep, I don’t want to see anyone and I don’t want visitors either.
    My 5-year-old brother: Yes, daddy, I’ll tell them.
    20 minutes later…
    The visitor: Hello, Johnny, is your daddy there?
    My 5-year-old brother: My daddy says he’s asleep, he doesn’t want to see anyone, and he doesn’t want visitors either. 😂😂 © Lorena Oliva / Facebook
  • My 4-year-old son asked me out loud and in front of my father’s wife, referring to her, why grandpa’s mom was nagging him so much all the time…© Rocío Díaz / Facebook
  • Once, we were waiting for the bus with my little boy and, in the line, there was a gentleman with a very big belly. Then my little boy looks at him attentively and asks me, “Mommy, does that gentleman have a baby in his belly?“😅😁🤦. © Bren Ruiz / Facebook
  • I had a neighbor who always asked me to borrow all my stuff. One day, my son asked her: “Adriana, are you poor? You always ask my mom for things.” My neighbor just said: “Come on, Sergio!!!” and she never asked me for anything ever again. © Xochiquetzalli Yàotl / Facebook

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