A total of 2,406 cases were settled amicably involving an award of Rs29,61,56,880 in the national lok adalat organised by the District Legal Services Authority(DLSA).

Sessions Judge-cum-chairman, District Legal Services Authority, Gurbir Singh along with DLSA secretary-cum-CJM Preeti Sukhija supervised the functioning of the lok adalat.

Sessions Judge exhorted litigants to resolve their disputes through lok adalats, as it would save their valuable time and money.

Once a dispute is settled through lok adalat, then the court fee already paid by a party at the time of filing of the case is refunded. A decision which is mutually acceptable to both parties not only brings an end to the long standing dispute, but also puts an end to litigation forever, as there is no appeal against the decision/award made by a lok adalat, he said.

As many as 18 benches were constituted for Saturday’s lok adalat in the city as well as at subdivisions. The benches were headed by different judges including Additional Sessions Judge Arun Kumar Aggarwal, ADJ Rakesh Kumar, ADJ Kulbhushan Kumar, ADJ Jarnail Singh, CJM Prabhjot Singh Kaleka, permanent lok adalat chairman Sunil Arora, Industrial Tribunal presiding officer GS Bakshi.

Cases related to criminal compoundable cases under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments (NI) Act, recovery cases, matrimonial disputes, labour disputes, land acquisition cases, service matters, traffic challans, plea bargaining cases, bank loan cases and other civil cases were taken up.

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